Our Mission & Vision


Powering the advancement of expertise amongst professionals and organizations within the organizational change management discipline.


Partner with professionals and companies leading transformational change to deliver content and engagements that inspire and support growth, development, and leadership.

  • Change Management Professionals

    • Professional Development
    • Networking
    • Local Organizational Change Management information
    • Certification prep
    • Unique and discounted training
    • Access to chapter partners
  • Our Partners

    • Employee learning and development
    • Access to local practitioners
    • Speaking Opportunities & Forum participation
    • Branding
    • Goodwill from supporting ACMP Atlanta
  • Change Management Practice

    • Support members' through thought leadership
    • Advocate for CM
    • Provide ACMP Global and Regional Conference ideas forum
    • Strengthen our Partners
    • Support ACMP Global
  • Our Community

    • Support CM in our communities
    • Giving back and driving change
    • Support the development of others impacted by change