About Our Organization

This is the home of the Atlanta chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Atlanta).

We are a volunteer-run organization fueled by community and change-minded individuals who are motivated to bring life to a collective vision and lead the way change works. Our vision statement reflects an aspiration to innovate and lead change practices, in addition to managing change and using our professional expertise to achieve business and organizational results. We strive to deliver a range of development, enrichment, support and service oriented activities that are exclusively conducted for charitable, educational, and public purposes. 

ACMP’s mission includes serving as an independent and trusted source of professional excellence, advocate for the discipline, and create a thriving change community. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to our members that ACMP will advocate globally for the recognition of the existence and value of our profession, and seek to contribute to efforts, organizations and initiatives that foster change, career opportunities, skill building, and 'think tank' / research opportunities that enrich our communities. 

All are welcome! Explore our site, attend an event and connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more about how you can benefit from engaging with ACMP Atlanta.